Camouflage antenna mast for covert / stealth operation

For the last three years I have had a 25ft 50mm alloy pole protruding from the top of my garage whose purpose is solely to support the end of my HyEndFed 5 band wire antenna. I’ve finally got round to camouflaging it for stealth / covert operation using camouflage fabric tape.

I considered camouflaging the pole using camouflage paint, but then decided I wanted to eventually replace the alloy pole with a fibreglass mast so left it as-is. Rather than paint the fibreglass I decided to use camouflage fabric tape instead. This tape can be used for a variety of different purposes including wrapping rifles, fishing gear etc.

I purchased the tape from eBay for £1.99 per role including delivery. I purchased woodland camouflage because behind the antenna is a large tree. However the tape is available in a wide range of different colours.

Each role is 5cm wide and 4.5m long.

It’s worth noting that some paint contains metal so may not be suitable for certain applications, including some antenna projects.

Below is a photo that shows the telescopic fibreglass mast I will be replacing it with.

Starting at the top of the mast I wound the tape in a spiral with approximately 5mm overlap. The great thing is that this tape sticks to itself but doesn’t leave any residue on the objects you are wrapping. If I were to decide to sell my mast in the future I could simply remove the tape with little effort. This would not be possible if using paint without significant effort.

Below is a photo that shows the mast in a temporary location. The colour of the leaves on this tree are lighter than the one where the mast will be permanently installed so I expect it will blend in much better. In my opinion though this already looks much better than the pole without the camouflage wrap.

I think this is a really good solution and plan to use the tape to wrap some of my antenna’s to make them more stealthy / covert too.

Once the mast is in place I need something to hoist the end of my end fed wire to the top so  I purchased 100 feet of 3.2mm diameter, 550Ib breaking strain woodland camouflage Paracord from eBay for £8.95 including delivery.

Below is a photo of the pulley I fastened to the mast.

And here it is. Final installation of my camouflaged fibreglass mast. Much higher and more discrete.

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