Live DX Cluster

Real-time spot information by band for active amateur radio operators around the world via the DX cluster network

Over the last few days I have been working on first phase of integrating real-time DX cluster information to my new website so I can view activity on the go.

Taking raw data from a JSON API made available by , I have developed PHP, CSS and JavaScript that adds styling and automatically refreshes the cluster table every 10 seconds. Thank you to for the continued use and support of the API.

My Live DX cluster page works on my desktop, tablet and mobile device, which means I can view information anywhere as long as I have Internet connectivity.

As default, spots for all bands are shown in a table, but I can click band buttons to show spots only for the selected band.

The main menu contains an option to navigate me directly to my Live DX cluster page.

What is DX cluster?

If your reading this and haven’t a clue what I’m on about, click here to find out more about DX cluster.


73 de M0NWK

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