This blog shows hardware, software and configuration that enables me to receive and decode ADS-B transmissions from aircraft and plot them on a map.

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This is still work in progress and I have more details and photo’s to come, but here are all of the steps required to start receiving ADS-B using SDRplay RSP receiver and dump1090 and Virtual Radar Server.

Software installation & configuration

Step 1: API/HW Driver 3.07

I navigated to:

And downloaded: API/HW Driver 3.07

I then installed the software on my PC using default settings.

Step 2: ADS-B dump1090

From the same site I downloaded: ADS-B (dump1090) 1.47

Then installed the software on my PC using default settings.

Step 3: Virtual Radar Server

I navigated to:

And downloaded: Version 2.4.4

I then installed the software on my PC using default settings.

Step 4: Virtual Radar Server configuration

Open Virtual Radar Software application.

Click on Tools > Options

Change / check configuration:

  • Format = AVR or Beast Raw Feed
  • Address =
  • Port = 30005


Step 5: RSP connection

Attach your RSP to your computer.

Step 6: ADS-B antenna

Connect suitable antenna to your RSP.

See my article on antenna testing here.

Receive & decode ADS-B

Step 7: Start dump1090

Go to SDRplay folder / menu and click on:

Start dump1090 in* where * = mode

If antenna is good and software configuration correct you should start receiving ADS-B transmissions from aircraft.

Step 8: Start Virtual Radar Software

Open Virtual Radar Server application.

Messages received in dump1090 will now be displayed in the ‘Feed status’

Step 9: Virtual Radar Server map

Click on

The Virtual Radar Server map will now open and display aircraft.

Antenna testing

If you are interested in reading my blog post about how I compare my different antenna and pre-amplifier configurations so as to obtain the best ADS-B receive footprint click here.

Why not take a look at my YouTube channel here or Twitter posts here.

You can also register for my website here.


73 de M0NWK

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