Offset satellite dish for QO-100 Es’hail-2 project

In February 2020 my 1.5 metre prime satellite dish was destroyed by strong winds from storm Dennis. The dish was ripped from it’s mount overnight and I found it at the end of my garden bent and dented. Beyond repair I had no choice but to scrap it.

After a few weeks of searching I purchased a secondhand 1.5 metre x 1.7 metre offset dish.

This blog post contains pictures of the dish as it arrived. Soon I will be making modifications as part of my QO-100 Es’hail-2 project.

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After looking around lots of different websites I found this offset dish for sale 16 miles away in Nottingham. I paid £40 for the dish and £15 for delivery. This heavy-duty dish is made of steel and really good condition.

For development and testing purposes I temporarily mounted the dish on an alloy pole I dug into the ground.

The dish came with two LNBs. I will remove these and replace with a dual-band patch antenna. I am also going to replace the supporting arms with new stronger and better quality ones.

The previous owner had ensured all of the bolts on the dish had been copper greased so all nuts can be freed off easily.

The mounting and elevation bracket is heavy-duty and again each of the bolts were copper greased so free off nicely for adjustment.

I am not sure if it is coincidence or not but the six holes on the mount from my prime dish (below) line up exactly with the six holes on the offset dish. I therefore intend on mounting the offset dish on this mount

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