MiniTiouner V2 Construction Project

MiniTiouner hardware was designed by Jean-Pierre F6DZP and is a DVB-S/S2 USB receiver that works with  MiniTioune software. It covers 143MHz to 2450MHz and was designed for use by Amateur Television (ATV) operators.

Like other amateur radio operators I want to use the MiniTiouner and software to receive transmissions from the Es’hail 2 QO-100 geostationary satellite.

I built my MiniTiouner (phase 1) in January 2019 but due to work commitments have just got round to using it.

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How to straighten Microbore copper tube

Simple workshop technique that shows how to straighten Microbore copper tube using basic workshop tools

This post shows a technique I’ve used to straighten 10mm Microbore copper tube and forms one of a series of video’s I’ve made to show how I’ve constructed my Quadrifiliar Helix antenna or QFH as it’s more commonly known.

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Numbers stations

Welcome to the weird world of numbers stations

Known to exist since World War I, numbers stations are believed to have been used or still being used, for transmission of coded messages to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries.

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