70cm UKAC contest – 8th January 2019

Tonight I took part in UKAC contest (AR category) using my Yaesu FT-736R transceiver (25w), EA270ZB13 2m / 70cm Yagi made by EAntenna. The antenna is 5 elements on 2m (10.8 dBi) and 8 elements on 70cm (11 dBi).

With the mast at full height, my antenna is 220ft ASL.

Nice conditions with quite a bit of QSB on longer distance contacts. I only operated for around 1 hour with other time spent on developing my logging software whilst listening.

Mainly beaming North and South with a spread of contacts. Further contact was with M0GHZ (David) at a distance of 203.5km.



Very much looking forward to next time!

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73 de M0NWK

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