70cm UKAC contest – 11th September 2018

Back in May I installed my Tennamast and dual band EA270ZB13 2m / 70cm Yagi made by EAntenna. The antenna is 5 elements on 2m (10.8 dBi) and 8 elements on 70cm (11 dBi).

With the mast at full height, my antenna is 171ft ASL. Tonight I took part in my first ever UKAC 70cm SSB contest.

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Refurbish CDE HAM II Rotator System

M0NWK CDE rotator refurbishment

Updated: 4th March 2017

In February 2018 I purchased a second hand Tennamast 10m tilt over Adapt-A-Mast complete with rotator cage, CDE Ham II rotator and CDE rotator controller.

Although I saw the rotator working I decided to check over the internals of the rotator, give it a bit of a service, refurbish the exterior and clean up the connection points.

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