Solent 1.3GHz / 23cm Amateur Television Transmitter

Last year I purchased a Solent 23cm Amateur Television (ATV) transmitter. Although working, it needed a bit of a tidy up. Whilst tidying things up I decided to make a few modifications and place the transmitter in a new case too.

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This FM analogue video transmitter with 6MHz intercarrier sound and 1W output was designed by Allan Latham, callsign G8CMQ who ran a company called Solent Scientific.  Worthing repeater group sold kits throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

More information about the Solent 23CM ATV transmitter can be found on the BATC site here.


The images below show the transmitter as I purchased it.

Front of enclosure showing video and audio inputs and tuning potentiometer:

Rear of enclosure showing N-type panel connector for RF output:

Top cover of enclosure removed:

Inside the enclosure:


To remove the Solent 23cm ATV transmitter from the enclosure I firstly de-soldered the N-type panel connector, BNC connectors for audio and video and power cable. I then removed the tuning potentiometer, IC and bolts securing the PCB to the casing.

On inspection I noticed the PCB track that is soldered to the N-type panel connector centre conductor was damaged.

I decided to replace the N-type panel connector with an SMA male one. Using a small file I made a slot for the SMA to fit into and soldered it in place.

The potentiometer had a lot of play in the shaft so I replaced this and the wiring to the PCB. I also replaced audio and video cables with new ones. After tidying up and cleaning the PCB I soldered the power cable back on.


To be contined…

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