Last year I purchased the 144LFA8, 8 element Yagi for 2 metres from EAntenna but it’s been in it’s box ever since.

That is until now. It’s  May 2021 and we have thunder and lightning so with the mast down, I have decided today I am going to build it so I can replace my 5 element one.

In this post I will show you how I built, tuned and installed the antenna on my mast.

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MiniTiouner V2 Construction Project

MiniTiouner hardware was designed by Jean-Pierre F6DZP and is a DVB-S/S2 USB receiver that works with  MiniTioune software. It covers 143MHz to 2450MHz and was designed for use by Amateur Television (ATV) operators.

Like other amateur radio operators I want to use the MiniTiouner and software to receive transmissions from the Es’hail 2 QO-100 geostationary satellite.

I built my MiniTiouner (phase 1) in January 2019 but due to work commitments have just got round to using it.

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Refurbish CDE HAM II Rotator System

M0NWK CDE rotator refurbishment

Updated: 4th March 2017

In February 2018 I purchased a second hand Tennamast 10m tilt over Adapt-A-Mast complete with rotator cage, CDE Ham II rotator and CDE rotator controller.

Although I saw the rotator working I decided to check over the internals of the rotator, give it a bit of a service, refurbish the exterior and clean up the connection points.

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